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Teething Toys

Our teething toys are made to relieve the discomfort and pain of teething for your infant, while giving mom something she can be proud to wear. The beechwood and silicone combine to make a texture that is soothing, engaging, and exciting for your baby. Our classic pacifier clips will fasten to your child’s clothing and stop the endless cycle of having to pick up teethers from off the ground.

Our teething necklaces will keep mom looking fashionable and keep baby calm, and our Sedona teething rings and rattles are made for sensory stimulation while providing maximum comfort to a teething baby.

All of our teething toys are designed to soothe baby. Chewable Charm teething jewelry and Grech & Co Teething Rings are made from be beechwood and food-grade silicone. Not to mention, the teething necklaces make mama extra gorgeous, too!