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Hello and welcome to Hop & Orso!

We’re an Aussie-Italian-British-German family and, having moved to the US not too long ago, we wanted to showcase some of the most practical and beautiful children‘s products that we have discovered on our travels and have used for our kids. So much thought and love has gone into the selection of products, so we hope that you will love them too.

When it came to naming the shop, we really didn’t have to look too far. Our children’s beloved soft toys, a little bunny called “Hop” and a big cuddly teddy bear called “Orso”, are always loyal companions, especially at bedtime.

We wanted the name to portray something personal, as the selection of items we are showcasing are personal to us. 

Stay tuned, we are continuously working on bringing more amazing products to you!

Enjoy browsing :)


Founder of Hop & Orso