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Flexible Polarized Sunglasses | Adult & Child | Atlas

Grech & Co.


Vendor: Grech & Co.

These Grech & Co. Sustainable sunnies are the conscious choice for children's sunglasses AND you and your little one could rock that Mini Me look together as these gorgeous sunnies come in adult size, too! 

Featured in exclusive colors, timeless aesthetic and wide age range for wear, these sunnies ensure years of stylish safety from the sun. 

—> These Sunglasses feature UV 400 protection with Category 3, TAC polarized lenses (high protection against sunglare)

—> Their flexible frames are made out of TPEE, an eco-friendly thermoplastic which is BPA free & non-toxic

—> wider lenses for extra protection.

—> Grech & Co. have an exclusive color selection you just won’t find anywhere else

—> Each pair comes in a cute pouch

—> Recommended age ranges: small 3 years + / large 16 years + 

—> Gender neutral design

—> Available in really gorgeous colors, make sure to check them out!

       -> atlas, bog, ember, mallow & tierra

—> They are also CE certified, just sayin’.


CARE INSTRUCTIONS: TAC lenses are made up of 7 protective layers. Water can cause the layers to lift and damage the sunglasses. Avoid exposure to water.  Dry lenses thoroughly if exposed to water. Do not store under direct sunlight for extended periods of time.