LEVILY® Stroller Sunshade

  • With this patented Stroller Suncover from our clever friends at Levily® in Germany, your baby is protected against direct sunlight in the best possible way.

    The main cover is backed with a dark grey fabric that offers UV protection of 50+ (UPF 50+) and thanks to the genius movable side sail you can shield your infant from the sun in no time at all, from whichever direction the sunlight is coming from.
    All of this while your little one can enjoy the surroundings or have a relaxing snooze during your walk; without the risk of over heating!

    And since the sunshade attaches to the handlebar with a flexible elastic cord, it can be easily removed and placed on the canopy, ready to be used when you need it again.

    Universal fit for parent facing strollers.

Vintage Pink
Geolines Vintage Pink
Geolines Charcoal Grey
Geolines Midnight Blue