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Why the LEVILY® Stroller Sunshade Should be on Your Baby Registry Wish List

October 25, 2021

LEVILY Stroller Sunshade on Stroller

We want to tell you a little bit more about the LEVILY® Stroller Sunshade and why we think that every new parent should have one! 

When Dani, the boss-mom behind this incredible gadget, went out for a walk with her first baby a few years back, she noticed how little sun protection her stroller's traditional parasol was providing for her little one. Also covering the pram with blankets or muslin clothes completely would create a dangerous heat trap. So she got to work and, after some trial and error, she came up with a prototype of today's product.
Fast forward a few years, and the LEVILY® Stroller Sunshade is optimized with a UPF 50+ graded material and, its' design is also patented!

Heat won't get trapped as there's always one side and the front of the stroller that isn't covered. Sun protection and air circulation, how cool is that?*

The main sail is backed with a dark grey fabric that will provide shade for your child with UPF 50+ , because we all know how strong our sun is and how important it is to stay protected.

The side sail, made out the softest muslin fabric, can be easily moved from left to right depending from where the sun is coming from. No zips or buttons to un-do. Just a flip of a hand and it's done. Easy!

*Never leave child unattended in stroller. Seek shade whenever possible and avoid long exposure to sun. Avoid peak heat hours - it may be still too hot for your child to be outside!

Only three simple steps to protect your baby from the sun:

Step 1: With extended canopy, position wide elastic band around your stroller's canopy.

Step 2: Place thin elastic band around your stroller's handlebar.

Step 3: Move side sail depending on where the sun is coming from and enjoy your worry-free walk!

This simple yet genius gadget provides your baby with easy and adjustable shade. Its' main cover features UPF 50+ sun protection and, it fits on pretty much all parent-
facing strollers! So, does it make an excellent gift for a baby shower? Yes, absolutely!

We used LEVILY® Stroller Suncover for both our kids and, we stand behind this product 100%. We used it all year round, even as a sleeping aid when we were out and about. 

Do you have any questions related to this product? Give us a shout at hello@hopandorso.com - We'd be happy to hear from you!